Uniting advanced European technology and unique Russian experience, "Ingosstrakh ONDD Credit Insurance" will offer your company a first-class protection of short-term credit risks arising when working with contractors at the entire territory of Russia and for export deliveries abroad.


Credit insurance

Credit insurance is proven to be one of the most reliable instruments of accounts receivable protection in international practice.

Such service will be interesting in the first place for manufacturing and big trading companies which are targeted at the growth of sales by granting commercial credits, at the same time, guaranteeing cash flow stability by credit risks minimization.
Having advanced European methods and unique Russian experience, Ingosstrakh ONDD Credit Insurance will offer your company first-class protection of short-term credit risks, occurring when working with counterparties throughout Russia.


Export risks

Any foreign economic activity is connected with inevitable risks, occurring due to different political, economic, social and other factors.

Export risk insurance might be interesting for Russian and foreign companies, practicing the trade credit granting in their work with foreign counterparties. Considerable experience of Belgian state agency Delcredere | Ducroire in export insurance and exceptional assessment of Russian market, peculiar to Ingosstrakh company, allows Ingosstrakh ONDD Credit Insurance to offer the widest range of services under export credit insurance.